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I Think I Do Love You


     "Now Lovino…" Antonio said putting his hand on the child's shoulder. "I have to go to war in the Caribbean. I need you to stay here; it's too dangerous for a child like you to go. While I'm gone I want you to water the tomato plants for me, you know what happens if they die." He kissed the child's forehead. "Are you going to be okay?" "Yeah, I'll be fine you bastard." "FUFUS, take care Lovi~ Adios" the Spaniard waved goodbye as he got on the ship.

     Lovino walked around the town, until he reached his favorite playground. He sat on one of the swings and started to sob and cry. "What's wrong?" a little voice came from his right. "I asked something…" Lovino looked into her deep ocean blue eyes and said in almost a whisper "An…Antonio left for war and…and I'm all alone…" he wept some more. She turned her head sideways making some of her black hair fall on her face. "I can be your friend, we can play until Antonio returns" she smiled. "O-Okay, I'm Lovino Vargas…What's your name?" "I'm Esmeralda"

     "Esmeralda, cariño, let's go!" A tall elegant woman stood up. "Tell your friend you can see him tomorrow" "That's my mommy" Esmeralda smiled "I have to go, see you tomorrow" she walked away waving, just like Antonio did. Lovino walked home and saw a basket of tomatoes on the counter. It had a note on it that read "I picked this one's out for you, I know you like them big and juicy. I promise I'll return to you Lovi, but for the mean time have fun. With love, Boss."

     Lovino took one of the tomatoes and took a bite out of it. He laid on his bed and finished the tomato. He fell asleep and woke up from a nightmare.


     "Ve~Romano, welcome back" a blurry brunette figure like Lovino walked over to him. "What's wrong don't you recognize me? It's me, Italy"

Lovino backed away and bumped into another blurry person but this one had red eyes and white hair. "Keseseses!!Are you looking for something, filthy Jew!!?" The figure grinned with its sharp teeth. He lifted his palm and gave Lovino a back hand slap. He fell to the ground from the hard hit and another figure came, this one had blue sky eyes and honey hair. He frowned and pointed a gun at his head. As he was about to pull the trigger, another figure came. This one had glasses and dirty blond hair. It hit the blond figure with a baseball bat and knocked him to the ground. "Hey-ey" the sound now echoed "Are you okay? Okay?" As he put his hand out to pick Lovino up another figure, this one with short black hair appeared in a plane and shot the guy with glasses.


     Lovino woke up confused about his weird dream…what was it about? He shocked it off and went to the kitchen. Lovino turned on the sprinklers and started baking a tomato pie for Esmeralda and her mom. When he finished he put it in the basket and walked to the playground.  "You're late" Esmeralda frowned. She had a lovely bow in her hair with matching shoes and a pink dress. Her mom had a fancy red dress. "Sorry but I baked some pie" Lovino said as he handed the pie to Esmeralda's mom.

     "Would you like to eat it now, Esmeralda" She asked smiling. "Si. Si." She cut three pieces out. She gave one to Lovino, another to her daughter, and kept the last one. They both took a bite out of it. They were paralyzed by the amazing taste. "You are so young, how can you make such a good pie" "Boss thought me" "Boss?" "Si, I work for Antonio…I clean around the house and he lets me stay there…he treats me more like his son then maid." "I thought he was your brother. Oh no this is bad he puts you to do hard labor…where is he?" "He left for war…" "You poor child…why don't you come live with us?" "Sure…"

     Lovino got his things and moved to an empty room in Esmeralda's house. "Thank you for letting me stay here Miss" "Call me Loretta" "Oh okay…but I need to water Boss's tomato plants everyday" "I'll do it" "Thank you" Lovino lived with them for a couple of more years until her was in his late teens. One day Loretta came home with a letter. "Lovino…I think this is for you." She handed Lovino the letter. It read: "Lovino, I'm coming home in 4 days…I hope to see you all grown up…I have really missed you Lovi, more than you think. Wait for me at the port at 1:00pm. Love, Boss"

     When Lovino looked at the date it read "Friday 14th" he then looked at the calendar "Tuesday 18th" Lovino then looked at the clock "12:45pm. He wasted no time. He ran outside the door and to the port. He was really happy to see Antonio again. Loretta and Esmeralda ran after him. They got just on time, as Antonio of off the ship he glared at Lovino and he couldn't believe his eyes. "Haha, Lovi, you're so cute" Antonio said blushing a little. "I missed you so much!" "YEAH, WELL I DIDN'T MISS YOU, NOR DO I LOVE YOU…jerk!!" "…Lovino?"

     Loretta slapped Antonio in the cheek "You horrible man,who dear you to treat a child the way you treated him!" "What, who ARE you? I treated Lovino like my son, I mean have you checked he's a virgin and he has no scars! Lovino…we're going home!" "No! I wa" "HOME!!" Antonio rarely got mad at Lovino, but this time he cursed the line. "Lovino what the hell was that?!" Antonio screamed slamming Lovino on the wall and putting his hand on the wall leveled with Lovino's head. "I just really liked living with them..." "So then tell me, tell what you feel!!" "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO TELL YOU? THAT I HATE YOU? I love you!!" "…Lov…Lovino…I love you too…" Antonio gently kissed Lovino's soft lips. Lovino kissed him back. Antonio picked Lovino up and walked toward Antonio's bedroom. He gently put Lovino on his bed. "Ti amo, Antonio" "Yo tambien te amo"

     Antonio stripped Lovino to his boxers. And then did the same to himself. He kissed Lovino's neck. "I'm gonna make you mine" Antonio grinned. He took off both of their boxers and pushed himself inside Lovino. The Italian clawed the Spaniard's tanned back. Antonio started trusting in and out of Lovino, making the child moan and cry. "-knock knock knock- Open the door you ass whole. I'm here for Lovino!" Antonio then trusted harder inside Lovino making him scream in pleasure "AH~ ANTONIO…OH PLEASE…AH~"

     Loretta wasn't sure of what was happening but she was able to break the luck of the front door. Antonio made his climax and pulled fast out of Lovino. He put fast his clothes and hid inside his closet with his favorite gun. Lovino passed out from exhaustion and was lying naked on the bed.  When Loretta came inside the room she gasped. She ran over to Lovino and covered him up. "Oh Lovino darling are you okay?" "O-Ofcourse I am…I'm just a little tiered…man he's like heaven in earth…I love him so much…" Lovino passed out again. "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" Antonio came out of the closet and pointed the gun at Loretta. "Leave my family alone, we are perfectly fine." "THIS is not fine, you just raped him" "No…we had gay sex…he said he loved me and turned me on, you know how men are, amiga" "I want to take Lovino back home!!" "Sorry, FRANCIS!!" A French-man came in the room. "Such a beautiful woman like you should not be treated his way." He lowered Antonio's gun. "See when two people fall in love they do things like this, you should know, you are a mother. Speaking of, I just took her virginity and she might be pregnant…" "…My Baby" Loretta ran to her house and never came back.

     "OHOHON~ Such a beautiful body Lovino has" "Walk away Francis, just walk away"

      And so Spamano came to be…

                                                                            El fin!

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